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Fall Arrest Systems

We provide both Vertical & Horizontal Fall Arrest Systems

At Tarrant SE we pride ourselves in the services we offer to our customers all across the UK.

Surge Protection

Vertical Fall Arrest

Tarrant Specialist Earthing's Vertical Fall Arrest system is designed for areas where wind loading prevents the use of Rail Systems and where a track system would hinder the general use of the system.

The ladder is based on a vertical tensioned cable system which is clamped to the top of the ladder with an impact indicating shock absorber. An arrester device with a double cam-brake is connected to the cable and via a karabiner to the operative's harness.

Horizontal Lifeline

Our Horizontal Lifeline Systems are the ideal solution to providing fall arrest protection where guardrails are not suitable or for when a virtually invisible solution is required.

The fall protection cable system provides the user with complete and continual 'handsfree' protection throughout the length of the lifeline. When the operative comes across a bracket, the link device which attaches them to the system simply glides over the bracket without the need to detach from the lifeline system. A unique Progressive Absorbing System (PAS) is also incorporated into the lifeline system so that in the event of a fall the stainless steel intermediate brackets deform, reducing the shock loading on both the operative and the building's structure.

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All systems conform to British Standards

Please visit our British Standards Page for more information.